Small Office Space? 3 Tips For Selecting A Desk

Without a desk, an office is just another ordinary space. Of course, if you are lacking square footage, you may think having a suitable desk is not possible. Thankfully, no matter what size your office space is, you can fit an adequate desk in it. With this guide, you will learn about a few desk options perfectly suited for small office spaces. Corner Desk Your office probably has a few corners that are not being used. Read More 

3 Other Materials You Can Sell To Many “Cash For Gold” Companies

Cash for gold has become a common way for people to make fast money. This type of sale has been very helpful for both those caught in a financial bind and those who are clearing out unused jewelry and other items. Much of the cash-for-gold trade is based on scrap gold, or selling gold for its scrap metal value and not the jewelry item's total value. Yet many cash-for-gold companies also accept other materials, increasing your ability to make money from items you otherwise might not use at all. Read More 

Thinking About A Geophysics Degree? Three Careers That Utilize This Degree

University is a time of self-discovery. You are sampling courses from all different disciplines and trying to decide what your specialization should be. If you are thinking about geophysics, and how much you enjoyed the introductory course you took as your first year's science requirement, then maybe you would enjoy pursuing a degree in this area of study. To get you thinking more about this, here are three careers where you would be able to use your degree and enjoy the work that you are doing. Read More 

Five Ways Your Gym Can Make Billing Easier On Customers

What are customers looking for in a gym? A variety of equipment, a clean environment, great classes, friendly staff—these are all correct answers. But a frequently overlooked preference of gym members is that their gym's billing system is honest, fair, and easy to use. By simplifying your gym's billing structure and methods, you can increase your customers' satisfaction with their experience and hopefully find some new customers, too. Here are five ways to make billing easier on your gym customers. Read More 

4 Tips To Keep Your Water Well In Top Shape

If your home has a water well, you have an addition to your property that is a bit unique in today's society and can actually provide you with benefits like higher-quality water thanks to the additional nutrients and minerals found in most wells. But if you want your water well to continue providing you and your family with quality water for years to come, you'll have to perform regular maintenance on it just like any other part of your home. Read More