Pivotal Maintenance Tips For Ironworker Machines

Ironworker machines are incredibly strong thanks to the hydraulic force that they generate. This force is then used to punch and sheer steel plates. If you have one and want to ensure optimal performance for as long as possible, then read up on this maintenance advice. 

Lubricate Appropriate Parts

A lot of friction and force are involved when an ironworker machine is active. If you're not careful, this can lead to parts wearing down and suffering total failure. Luckily, there are special lubricants you can use on ironworker machines that will lead to smooth, refined movements consistently.

The lubricants essentially prevent parts from having to work as hard each time the ironworker is active. You want to be careful about which lubricants you use and how you use them, though. Read up on lubrication maintenance as recommended by your ironworker's manufacturer. Follow their instructions carefully. 

Change Filter Every Couple of Months

The hydraulic system is an integral part of how ironworkers operate. It will suffer severe complications if its filter isn't changed at the right times. Every couple of months is generally the rule of thumb, but not every ironworker has the same filter requirements.

You should see when it's recommended to change your filter and stay on top of this changing schedule. Only use filters specifically designed for your ironworker too so that you can keep the ironworker's hydraulic system working as efficiently as possible.

Regularly Inspect Urethane Stripping Attachment

An ironworker is comprised of many parts, but in terms of punching through steel plating, the urethane stripping attachment is the most important. If this attachment is off even just a bit structurally, then your punching results will be greatly affected and lead to wasted materials.

Check up on this stripping attachment as often as you can, making sure it's free of bulging and cracks. If you notice these red flags, then hire an ironworker repair contractor. They can either repair or replace the urethane stripping attachment depending on the damage present. Taking these steps ensures your ironworker is primed for punching and that can help reduce material waste and save you money. 

Many operations rely on ironworkers today because of their sheer power and versatility as far as material customization. You can truly maximize your time with this important machine over the years by understanding what parts and systems to care for. That's the best way to keep issues from happening regularly.