5 Factors To Consider Before Renting Office Space

Finding office space for rent is a critical part of running many types of businesses. Before you commit to a particular office, you should consider these 5 factors about the location and the agreement.


You should be sure the area is zoned for your type of operation. Even if you're confident about it, ask the local compliance officer for some information. Tell them what your business does so you can be sure. It is better to spend a few weeks sorting out zoning questions than to be surprised by an adverse notice.


Most offices need significant public access. Find out where the access points are so you can determine how viable particular offices for rent are going to be. If a member of the public will have a hard time finding the office, that's a consideration in deciding whether to choose the location or not.

Similarly, you may need access for the delivery of equipment and consumables. This is especially true for offices that go through lots of consumables. The delivery driver should have a good spot to stop and bring in your stuff.

The same goes for parking spaces and connecting streets and roads. Never assume you'll have access to one of these. Verify that you'll have access to any space or route your business might need.


Every agreement for office space for rent should include a clear assignment of liability. This determines who is liable if a member of the public is hurt on the property. You may have to think about liability in terms of space, especially if the location is in a complex with hallways or sidewalks.


Who maintains a property is a big deal when it comes to a rental agreement. You don't want to have a water pipe break only to discover you're on the hook for fixing it. Ask what the assignment of responsibility for maintenance will be. Likewise, ask what the timeframe for fixing things will be if the landlord is responsible.

Utilities and Taxes

Many rental agreements also include utilities. Sometimes this is one or two key ones, while some agreements may have the landlord or tenant paying all the utilities. You should iron these details out with the landlord.

One of the more interesting variants on this issue, though, is the payment of taxes. A rental agreement can assign tax payments to the tenant. If you accept that sort of arrangement, though, make sure there's a corresponding shift in the rental price.

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