5 Modern Home Trends To Make Busy Family Lives Better

Do you have a large, busy family? Then you need a modern, custom home that will facilitate the way you use your living space today. To help you add the right features to your new home, here are five of the best new trends to consider.

1. Pet Stations

A pet station is usually located in the mudroom of the house, and it serves as a one-stop-shop for keeping Fido clean and tended. Include a bathing station, supply cabinets for towels, rags, and washing tools, food and toy storage and a traction surface for smaller dogs or cats. A pet station keeps the house cleaner all year round. 

2. Clever Outlets

The modern family needs more outlets in more places than ever before. Today's homebuilders can include outlets under the cabinets of the kitchen, laundry room and garage as well as on the exterior near entertainment zones and even inside bathroom drawers. Many people also add dedicated charging stations. Think about how your family uses devices and chargers, and plan accordingly.

3. Package Access

Do you get a lot of packages delivered? Have a ton of groceries to unpack from the car? Access points make this easier and more secure. Add a safe-like access point near the front or rear door for packages to be placed inside by delivery persons. Or install a pass-through shelf from inside the garage into the adjoining room of the home to make short work of grocery trips. 

4. Upstairs Laundry

The laundry room is often in the lowermost part of the home or the garage, but this isn't where laundry piles up. Make things easier and less cluttered by adding laundry facilities where people actually live — usually the second floor. An extra laundry room also gives the second floor or master bedroom area more utility closets for practical use. 

5. Butler's Pantry

A butler's pantry isn't just for the Downton Abbey crowd. If you and your family entertain, it's a must-have bridge between the kitchen and the living areas. You can stage more food, provide self-serve stations, keep things warm and separate partiers from your dirty (or from your clean) kitchen. The butler's pantry can be any size that fits your home, ranging from a single countertop and warmer to a full second kitchen. 

Could any of these modern inventions make your family's home life easier, more enjoyable, cleaner and safer? If so, learn more by consulting with a local custom home designer in your province today.