Small Office Space? 3 Tips For Selecting A Desk

Without a desk, an office is just another ordinary space. Of course, if you are lacking square footage, you may think having a suitable desk is not possible. Thankfully, no matter what size your office space is, you can fit an adequate desk in it. With this guide, you will learn about a few desk options perfectly suited for small office spaces.

Corner Desk

Your office probably has a few corners that are not being used. A corner desk can be a great option for this unused space, creating a workspace that you need without taking up a great deal of square footage or floor space.

Base the size of your corner desk on what else you have in your office. For example, if you only have a small corner, choose a compact corner desk. If you have a few feet of wall space connecting the corner area, you can choose a longer desk that sits in the corner.

When choosing a desk chair, opt for a smaller chair that fits perfectly into the corner desk space. This will ensure the chair is not taking up any more space than the actual desk.

Shelf Desk

A shelf desk is also a great option to consider for your small office. Basically, these desks are mounted on the actual wall, reducing any need to take up floor space in your office.

Shelf desks range in sizes from a very compact, short desktop surface to a longer shelf mounted across an entire wall. Both options will provide you with enough space for a laptop, phone, and other office supplies without using floor space or a great deal of square footage.

In most cases, you can find a chair that can be rolled up right under the shelf desk, saving even more space in the office.

Vertical Desk

Instead of focusing on a large, wide desk, opt for a narrow, tall desk for your small office space. Even though the actual width may be shorter than you are accustomed to, the extra height will provide you with the room needed for your office supplies, computer equipment, and other items needed for work. Choose a vertical desk with shelves and cubbies that can take up a good portion of your wall in terms of height instead of width to maximize the amount of usable space.

No matter what size office you have, finding a desk that is suitable to your needs does not have to be challenging. This guide will give you a few options to consider when choosing a desk for a small office space. Reach out to an office furniture store to learn more.