3 Ways To Vamp Up Your Math Classroom With Personalized Vinyl Decals

Figures, numbers, and equations—math is fun for some students, but for a lot of them, it comes as a challenge. Unfortunately, math teachers and math classrooms often get a bad reputation because there can be so many challenges with what is being learned. If you want to spruce up your math classroom to make students a bit more enthusiastic about learning, personalized vinyl decals could be the solutions. Vinyl decals are inexpensive, are easy to install, and can be reused when they are made of high-quality materials. Take a look at a few ways you can spruce up your classroom with vinyl decals. 

Add inspirational quotes on the walls from famous mathematicians or people. 

Sometimes, students need a little reminder that they can achieve things, reach their goals, and get through tough times—even if those challenges just happen to be that tough math problem on a test. There are all kinds of good quotes that have been spoken by some pretty intelligent people. Order up a few of these quotes in a viny decal form and place them in areas where students can always get a good view of them. For example, you could add a quote over the chalkboard across the front of the room. 

Add graphic decals of cute baby animals to certain areas. 

Did you know that researchers believe that looking at images that involve baby animals will actually help you be more productive? In a classroom where all numbers all the time can leave students feeling a little less than focused, maybe some baby animals imagery on the walls could help boost their brain energy. The best thing about vinyl wall decals is they can be pulled down and reused, which means you can pick up several and occasionally change the images to keep the productivity flowing for students. 

Add hard-to-remember mathematic rules and functions. 

If there are certain things that your students are having a hard time remembering or taking in, it never hurts to put a gentle reminder on the wall to help them along. For example, if students are having problems remembering the order of operations in algebra, having these rules on the wall for everyone to see while you are studying these processes will do a lot of good. Students who are struggling to remember won't have to feel shy about asking questions because the reminders will always be on the wall for them to reference.