3 Other Materials You Can Sell To Many “Cash For Gold” Companies

Cash for gold has become a common way for people to make fast money. This type of sale has been very helpful for both those caught in a financial bind and those who are clearing out unused jewelry and other items. Much of the cash-for-gold trade is based on scrap gold, or selling gold for its scrap metal value and not the jewelry item's total value. Yet many cash-for-gold companies also accept other materials, increasing your ability to make money from items you otherwise might not use at all.

1. Other Precious Metals

Silver is also commonly bought and sold through these companies. Again, this is for scrap value, and silver sells for less than gold, but it's still a precious metal, and it's one of the most common non-gold materials bought by these companies. Coins, jewelry, even silver pitchers that aren't just plated could be suitable for sale.

Other precious metals that these places often buy include platinum, rhodium, and more. Plated items usually won't sell, but if you're lucky enough to have something like a platinum chain, even a broken one, you might be able to sell that to the company, too.

2. Diamonds

A number of companies that focus on gold also take the occasional precious stone, usually diamonds. (It's rarer to find one that will buy colored stones like emeralds and rubies, but that's not out of the question for a few companies.) It helps if you have the diamond graded ahead of time, but if you can't do that, seek out a gold- (and diamond-) buying company that can appraise the stone on-site.

3. Estate Jewelry for Non-scrap Use

Many gold-buying companies work solely with buying items for scrap value. However, some also function as straight jewelry buyers as well. If you have estate jewelry -- this is a fancy name for used jewelry -- especially pieces that are antique, take them to a few jewelry buyers for appraisal and then see if you can sell the item. You're not going to get a huge price for it, but if you have pieces sitting around unused, and they look rather cool, you may want to try. Again, you'll have to seek out a buyer who takes whole jewelry for non-scrap purposes.

Don't assume that your old gold is the only item you can sell. See what you have, and then specifically ask about those other materials. You could find companies for all of the items.