Thinking Of Adding Woodturning Into Your Woodworking Business? Tools For You

When you have your own woodworking business, you may find yourself looking for new techniques and styles of woodworking to incorporate into your business. While you may have primarily focused on one or two techniques in the past, you might now be interesting in adding the art of woodturning into your repertoire. Before you begin experimenting with this new technique in woodworking, you will want to be sure that you have all of the right tools to get started with woodturning. Get to know more about the basic tools that you will need for woodturning so that you can start trying out this new technique as soon as possible. 

Skew Chisel

One of the tools that you will want in your arsenal when you are planning to start woodturning is a skew chisel. A skew chisel is generally used to plane wood. It is a tool that can create very fine and delicate details in your woodturning and can truly transform what you are working on into a work of art. 

Be sure to practice your approach with the skew chisel before you start working on your first big woodturning project. This tool can be quite intimidating to work with when you are just learning how to do woodturning and can cause deep dig-ins or unwanted gouges or pits in the wood if not handled properly. You will also want to take good care of your skew chisel, sharpening it regularly so all of that fine detail work you use it for looks as good as possible. 

Spindle Gouge

Another tool that you will want to be sure to have on hand when you start woodturning is a high-quality spindle gouge. These are used in spindle work (i.e. longer, cylindrical pieces) and can also help to provide detailing to your woodturning project. 

Specifically, a spindle gouge makes excellent beads and coves (banding that creates rows of bead-like shapes in the wood) in your woodturning design. There are several sizes of spindle gouges that you can choose from when you are starting your woodturning work. Although you may want to just try out one for starters, it is often a good idea to get a set of three so you can see how the different sizes can create different designs and styles. Try a set with a 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, and a 3/8 inch spindle gouge for the best beginner's set. 

With these tools in mind, you can be better prepared to start the woodturning process and expand the woodworking techniques you can utilize in your business. Visit a site like for more help.