3 Reasons To Buy Recycled Custom Pallets

If you are purchasing some new wood pallets for your warehouse, you may be wondering which type is really the best choice. While there are many options, one option you should consider first is recycled wood pallets. Instead of being made from plastic or new wood, they are reconditioned wood pallets. If you aren't sure if you want recycled custom pallets, check out these three reasons you must consider them.

Saves You Money

Naturally, when you buy something made from recycled materials, you tend to save money. The same can be said when you purchase recycled wood pallets instead of brand new ones. Why are they so much more affordable? Because it costs less to manufacture recycled pallets. It costs less money and uses less power to build new pallets from recycled ones instead of starting from scratch. Plus, because the manufacturer doesn't have to buy used lumber (just cheap old pallets), they are able to pass those savings to you.

Creates Less Waste

More and more people are wanting create less waste to preserve the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, customers like companies that they consider "green" or eco-friendly. By using recycled pallets, you are helping the environment by supporting a process that creates less waste. Instead of tossing old pallets into the trash, most of the material can be reused. Also, because it takes less energy to process recycled materials than it does raw materials, you're also supporting a procedure that reduces carbon emissions.

Improved Strength

Too many people hear the term "recycled" and think "used." Therefore, you may not believe that a recycled wood pallet could be as good as one made from new materials. However, that is not true in the slightest. The pallets may be made from reused wood, but that actually helps increase the strength of the pallets. Wood tends to get stronger over time (unless it is not well-maintained), so when you get a recycled pallet made from older wood, it is strong enough to support the weight of your items.

Just because something is made from brand new materials, that doesn't mean it's better. There are many reasons why you should consider getting recycled custom wood pallets instead of ones from new wood. Not only is the wood strong and durable, but you save money and help support the environment. If you would like more information regarding recycled pallets, contact a manufacturer in your area today.