5 Ways to Promote Your Business with Custom Water-Bottle Labels

Are you looking for inexpensive and simple ways to market your business to your potential clients? You can use customized water bottles to let people know about you and the services you can provide. Your water bottles can be printed with the name of your business, your contact information, and anything else your customers need to know, and here are five ways to use them that can bring instant traffic into your business. 

Parades and Festivals

Use community events like festivals, fairs, and parades to promote your brand. People attending these events get thirsty and are often willing to pay for water. When you give them what they need for free, they will stop and pay attention. 

Consider sponsoring a float in a local parade and asking people to walk along beside it handing out water bottles, or rent space at a booth at a community fair. 

Press Kits

Do you hand out press kits or media kits to generate interest in events relating to your business? Today's press kits are more than just a folder full of paper. You can make yours stand out by tucking in a personalized water bottle with your company's name and contact information. 

The media may be more likely to remember you if there is a visual reminder on desks or even in the refrigerator. 

Local Stores

Do you sell your products in local stores? Get customers to pay attention to what you have to sell by handing out customized water bottles with your product information and where to find it. You will be able to take advantage of having potential customers already in the stores who may not have noticed your products until you call attention to them. 


Share your products or services with local businesses that could be potential clients by offering water bottles. Drop off a box of personalized bottles at places throughout your area where possible clients might work or gather.

You can use that opportunity to network with other business owners as well. Perhaps they would have promotional items that your employees would want to know about. 

Free Samples

Add your personalized water bottles to free samples of products you sell or pass them out with coupons for your business. This is especially useful if you own a company that sells some type of food item. People will take more notice of your delicious cookies or cupcakes if the free sample comes with a bottle of water. 

Using personalized water bottles to promote your business is easy, and the rewards are great. Talk to a company such as Great Canadian Water Company to get started.