Packaging Design: 3 Factors That Affect Success In Online Markets

Did you know that more than 85% of the world's online population has utilized the internet to make a purchase? If you ignore the potential of being able to digitally market your products, you will be missing out on a huge audience base and an opportunity to take your business to new heights. Different techniques are implemented for online marketing, and it is safe to say that the online market has revolutionized and changed the market significantly. Not only is it important to establish an online presence, altering and upgrading the package design of your products is also quite important in making sure that it stands out from competitors and the white background of most websites. Here are 3 factors to consider.

Structural Differences in the Packaging

Let's face it. Most companies package products in the same way. Take a look online at the structural packaging of laundry detergent, for example, and you will find that none of them look identical. Graphics can suffer drastically online, as most images are reduced and differentiating between brands can be rather difficult. However, structural uniqueness will stand out from the crowd. If you adopt the same structural packaging as a competitor, the opportunity to stand out from the crowd will be squandered, and you may miss out on an opportunity to build your company's image.

Simple Details That Stand Out

Regardless of how much time and effort is put into designing the package, intricate details can only be appreciated in person, and it is difficult to market the small details through online marketing, especially when the image of the products may be reduced. To make your product stand out, forget about the intricate details and go for packaging design that's bolder and simpler. Do not be afraid to play around with different color arrangements.

Keep in mind that the shopping pages allow for companies to place long descriptions about the product right on the page with no word or character restrictions. This minimizes the need to add fine print onto the product packaging itself. In short, to make your packaging more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to consumers, most professionals would recommend that you keep it simple

Packaging Design for Shipping Conveniences

Last but certainly not least, the packaging design needs to be able to cater to the hurdles and obstacles that it may face during shipping. Make sure that your consumers will be overjoyed to receive the package, and not disappointed at how the packaging may have literally come apart during the shipping process. The packaging will be responsible for cushioning the products from all falls, and protecting the products from environmental and even elemental factors, such as rain and water. 

During shipping, the package will have to go through a lot, and the durability of the packaging has become one of the main concerns of most consumers. Make sure that the material chosen can tolerate extensive wear. In addition, find out if there is a way that the packaging design can be simplified for the sake of shipping and handling. In fact, many bulky packaging now include handy straps that may allow consumers to easily carry the package from the post office to their homes.


Packaging design for products that are to target an online audience will differ significantly from those that are to be sold in stores. Click here to see more specific examples. New companies that are still building a brand image and looking to expand onto the online market should take advantage of the opportunity and spend some time designing a package that will not only stand out from the crowd, but also offer some practicality. By seducing consumers with an attractive and crafty design, companies have witnessed huge spikes in their sales.